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SAP Business One Module

Get your ERP services up and running quickly with our expert consultants.

Embracing the most recent advancements and techniques is key for improved business operations and end-user value. Calendar Technology FZE can help your business advance and develop on the road to digital transformation. We combine unique, tried and tested strategies with a committed team to Analyze, Design, Develop and Implement ERP Solutions for your Enterprise beyond what you imagined

Digital Transformation with CALENDER TECHNOLOGY FZE

CALENDER TECHNOLOGY FZE Team of specialists are exceptionally experienced Solution Architects and Software Developers, , meaning they perceive not just what is expected according to a business viewpoint, yet in addition achievable from a technical perspective. They have many years of hands-on experience of guiding companies through transformative digital changes. As well as advising on the best innovation answer for a business, our consultants are likewise exceptionally glad to offer assistance and direction on the most proficient method to overcome the enormous difficulties posed by the development of large-scale complex software systems, for example, Avoiding late software delivery; • Going over budget, and the knock-on effects of reduced functionality; • Resolving complexities/sensitivities with the alignment of company goals; • Integrating new and existing systems.

Tailored to your needs

We attach great importance to developing the right solution architecture together with our customers in order to contribute to increasing efficiency and quality. In order for us to succeed in this, we have designed a consulting process that gives us the opportunity to examine your company, understand the requirements for the system in the best possible way and take the existing initial situation into account. Transparency is important to us, which is why we explain the individual steps of our consulting process below.

Preparatory work, kick-off meeting, coordination of the procedure

During a kick-off meeting, our SAP consultants will coordinate the procedure with you and create a rough schedule.

System checks and analysis

In order to check the migration capability of your existing system to SAP Business One, we create a so-called readiness check at SAP Consulting, which is provided by SAP. The test helps us to estimate the scope of the migration. In addition, CALENDER TECHNOLOGY FZE team w carries out analyzes of current business practice. The current system is carefully examined and assessed. This analysis is then used to determine which preparatory work is required for switching to SAP Business One

Overview workshop (Blueprint sessions)

As part of individual workshops, we will show you the highlights and embedded solutions of SAP Business one that are relevant to you, so that you get a clear idea of the possibilities for your new ERP solution. Together we derive the target image of what your future SAP Business one and the overall solution should look like.

Solution Architecture, Strategic Initiatives, Operating Model and Licensing

Based on the analyzes created and the jointly developed target image, the solution architecture, strategic initiatives as well as the operating model and licensing are defined in this step. This lays the foundation for introduction and long-term operation.


We summarize the findings from the workshops, the system checks, the defined solution architecture and the strategic implementation to ensure results and present them to you. After completing this stage, the following questions will be finally answered as part of the SAP consulting: • Target image of SAP System to be implemented • Confirmation of the customer-specific migration approach • Methodology and tools used for implementation • Customized solutions to be considered • Assessment of required resources and capabilities internally/externally • Effort estimate for the selected migration approach • Rough planning for implementation • Pre-negotiated price for contract conversion of SAP licenses • Mention of the critical points from the readiness check • Assessment of the current state and derivation of possible improvements in the business process


• Calendar Technology FZE assists in transitioning from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to a successful live operation. We perform software configuration and facilitate flexible user training sessions (online or onsite), so you can harness the full potential of your ERP solution. • Calendar Technology FZE’s baseline implementation and training sessions include: • Financials and inventory • Data imports • Queries and reports • Administration and advanced features • Sales and purchasing • More advanced implementations that involve custom add-ons or integrations are scoped out during project planning.


• A live system isn’t the end of your journey—it’s the beginning of new possibilities for your business. Calendar Technology FZE provides full support beyond implementation so you can maximize your ERP’s value. • Our experienced support team takes a hands-on approach to empower you to understand your ERP system and make it your own. We also offer training and development opportunities so you can be self-sufficient and get the most from your system.

Effective Implementation Approach

Calendar Technology FZE believes the most effective implementation approach is partnering with our customers. Our projects follow a formal methodology that uses industry best practices and our long-standing experience to minimize risk and ensure success. We strive to understand your business to help you get the most value from your ERP technology.

Ensure Consistent Communication

A lead consultant manages the four major project stages to ensure consistent communication and collaboration. Below is a high-level overview of our project approach, which includes guiding you through implementing your ERP solution and supporting you after go-live with our support program. From project governance and leadership to scope and schedule management, our quality project management process contributes significantly to our high customer satisfaction rate.

ERP Blueprinting

Creating an ERP blueprint is critical for a successful ERP implementation. ERP blueprinting can be the initial part of an implementation project or a short, standalone engagement before finalizing an overall ERP approach. Early blueprinting identifies clear opportunities for process improvement and cost reductions, reduces risk, clarifies scope, and builds confidence within your organization before an implementation.

Blueprint sessions typically cover

Strategy development and execution Diagnostics and identifying business improvement opportunities Workflow documentation Discovery and health check services Project and program management Change management Risk management Performance analytics Data migration Post-implementation reviews

Ensure Clear Goals

Many growing businesses suffering through reporting issues, manual data entry, duplicate processes, and other pains continue to struggle despite understanding the need for an integrated ERP solution. Why? Because the pain of a system change seems greater than the pain of staying with the tools they’re struggling with. As experienced consultants with over 30 years in the industry, Calendar Technology FZE works with clients from the beginning to ensure clear goals and create a road map to meet them. Blueprinting is a critical reason the projects we undertake with customers are successful. Reviewing, documenting, and defining business processes together ensures your ERP project delivers the expected results. It’s not enough to replicate old processes—you must create processes that best suit your business’s needs. Although our work in numerous industries has given us deep insight into best practices, no two organizations are alike. That’s why we take time to define your business processes before implementing new software. This is the difference when you partner with Calendar Technology FZE.

Software Integration

Most data or application integration projects can be accomplished with point-to-point tools or custom development efforts. These one-off solutions do the job quickly and cost-effectively—but as your tech landscape and business needs evolve, those connections become cumbersome to manage and maintain. The most successful integration and transformation strategies support your business long term, delivering flexibility for growth. With the right tools, technology, experience, and approach, Calendar Technology FZE will partner with you and your team (either in-house or third party) to deliver custom solutions for your business. Calendar Technology FZE will analyze your tech landscape, business goals, and current processes to create a blueprint that documents the desired end state and how we’ll get there. We’ll support your preferred level of self-sufficiency by performing as much or as little of the work as you want while delivering hands-on training.

Automation Services for Growing Companies

To stay ahead of the competition, companies must continuously evaluate and optimize business operations. Manual, routine functions prevent teams from focusing on strategic, growth-oriented initiatives. Calendar Technology FZE will work with your team—either in-house or third party—to reimagine and transform your business processes. Every customer engagement is supported by our integration and automation experts, who make it their mission to deliver measurable ROI. We’ve helped thousands of businesses—let us help you too.

The Benefits of Automation

Automation compresses hours of manual effort into transactional workflows that free up time and resources to drive growth. • Optimize efficiency • Scale operations • Control spending • Drive compliance • Strengthen vendor/customer relations • Enhance visibility

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

• Automate your purchasing process from end to end • Improve profit margins • Control spending • Reduce friction • Increase transparency

Expense Management

• Automate the processing of expense claims from submission to payout • Control spending • Drive compliance • Reduce administration time

Sales Order Automation

• Automate the receipt and processing of inbound sales orders • Improve customer loyalty • Increase profitability • Free up staff to sell more


There are so many benefits it's hard to know where to start. Save money Affordably priced for SMBs No upfront hardware costs Quick time-to-value Impenetrable security Advanced encryption Multi-tier architecture Vulnerability scans Daily backups & machine images 24/7 system health and security monitoring Third-party security oversight & rating More time to focus on your business No time-consuming security patching or maintenance routines Work with a single vendor to address every question or concern. No hidden costs or complex price lists. World-class technologies

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